Why You Should Join Our Club

Lacrosse is an excellent fit with rugby, hockey and football as it combines stick skills, hand/eye co-ordination, agility, strategy with overall fitness and the ability to be an excellent team player.

Many of our players have used these skills in combination with other sports.

Lacrosse is also one of the fastest growing sports in Britain today.

We are the Portsmouth Pythons Lacrosseonly Lacrosse club for boys and girls on the South Coast. We train in beautiful surroundings at a local school every Saturday at 11am for 8-11 yrs and 12.30 for 11-17yrs.

We have gained the reputation as the Junior Team to beat in the South due to our sustained success.

First played by the North American Indians in the 1800's, a game of 'BAG-IT-AWAY' could last up to two weeks! The story goes that a Frenchman witnessed a game, saw that the Indians' wooden sticks resembled a Bishop's crozer and exclaimed, "AH - LA CROSSE!" The name stuck, the game spread and today Lacrosse is acclaimed worldwide as:

"the FASTEST game on two feet"

What's the Best About Our Club?

U12 Holder Trophy Joint Winners  in 2011.

U14 Holder Trophy Winners 2013/14/15/16.

U14 SEMLA League Winners 2013/14.

U16 Coldwell Cup Winners 2015.

U12, U14, U16 Holder Trophy Winners in 2015/16.

U17 team undefeated in SEMLA matches since 2015.

U12, U14 and U17 Junior Flags winners 2017.